Rocks and Roses Studio is a creative space where I share my experience connecting with the natural world as a way to document what I am doing and learning.

I have always dreamed about having a studio space - a place where I can freely experiment and create. Since I am not rooted to a specific location or have a physical space at this season of my life, I have decided to design this virtual studio to accompany me on my adventures.

Roxane Gratton

I am that gal you will see shamelessly hugging a tree in the middle of the sidewalk or being mistaken as a deer in a pathless forest.

Nurturing a relationship with myself and other humans, nourishing my body with plants from the earth, and aligning my actions with respect to the abundant planet we share are at the core of my being.

I studied landscape architecture for 8 years completing a Bachelor of Environmental Design (2012) and a Master’s of Landscape Architecture (2016) at the University of Manitoba. My academic background has driven my passion and grown my knowledge about the intrinsic connection humans have to the natural world. 

My current interests are in the realm of herbalism and plant energetics for nourishment and healing, especially in urban environments where the majority of human population resides.