You and I


Dear Mother,

When you are suffocating,

I can not breathe.

When I can not breathe,

I need your oxygen.

When you are sick,

I am ill.

When I am ill,

I need your medicine.

When your spirit is quiet,

I can not hear you.

When I can not hear you,

I listen for you.

When you disappear,

I am lost.

When I am lost,

I look for you.

When I am distracted,

I am not present.

When I am not present,

I need your connection.

When we are connected,

I feel you in every cell of my body.

When I consume you,

I am nourished.

When I am nourished,

I am energized.

When you are wild,

I am free.

When I am free,

I am you.

When I am you,

I share your pulse.

When we are in synch with each other,

I nourish myself with your fruits;

I see the world through your eyes;

I hear your voice inside of me;

I breathe your life through my lungs;

I feel your unconditional love in my heart;

Your spirit is in my soul.

You are me and I am you.